Niko Coyez - 06​-​DONNE A OU LE TEMPS feat. Swala Emati

from by NIKO COYEZ

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Pour la petite histoire, je voulais inviter Swala à chanter depuis longtemps, je lui ai donc dit de venir faire les choeurs et le jour ou elle est arrivée...bam! voila des paroles, voila la musique en fait tu vas chanter en lead!!! kom i di la réunion: demerde a zot dalone!

Et elle a juste assuré grave!! Grande petite dame, mesdames messieurs: SWALA EMATI!



Doussmen un ti briz
La caress mon visage
Sat ti mélodie
Jolie kom un message

La di a moin stop un pé !
Prend le temps regarder
Akout, sens, wa !
La vie en paix

Donne a ou le temps pou alé
Donne a moin un temps pou respirer
Donne a li le temps pou aimer
Donne a nou l’élan pou avancer

You can be strong
You can be what you want
You can be marvelous
But you can’t be wrong
You can be love by someone
Who knows who you are
Who you want to be
What you need to dream
You can have happyness
Everyday is better
Don’t you need less than some good love

Léger kom si mi marché
Su un doux nuage
Mi ralenti kan le temps i presse
Mi sa plu trakass
Lèss la pèr derièr
Sa ki doi arriver
Va ni vrai

Chacun i vé alé
Pli vite plu loin
Sans respirer
Mais aou mèm
Ou koné
Out kèr un jour
Va lâcher alors
Rouv ton zyé

English version...

Slowly a little wind
Caressed my face
This little melody
Pretty as a message
Said to me stop for once !
Take the time to look
Ear, smell, see
Life in peace.

Give yourself the time to go
Give me one time to breathe
Give him the time to love
Give us impulse to advance

Light as if I walk
On a soft cloud
I slow down when time is running
I will not bother anymore
And let fear behind me
What will be
Will be
Everyone wants to go
Faster, further
Without breathing
But you know that one day
Your heart will break
So open your eyes
And breathe…


from A yo​.​.​., released March 17, 2013
Niko Coyez : composition, lyrics, Lead vocal and flute
Swala Emati : Lead vocal
Samuel Numan : Drums
Valentino Ramos de figueiredo : Additional drums
Fabian Suarez : pandeiro
Christophe Zoogonès : Kayamb & shakers
Lionel Agenor : acoustic guitars
Frank Nelson : Bass
Corinne Pierre Fanfan, Gaby Diop, Soem : Back vocals
Julien Cottet : Sapé



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nikocoyez/travelinmelody Paris, France

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